Eva Greene-Wilson and Dr. Cindy Duke

An Intimate Conversation about Fertility with Dr. Cindy Duke

The story goes that I was my mom’s fourth pregnancy. She was thirty-one years old and said she thought she had the flu. Her OB/GYN, who was also her professor at Howard University School of Medicine, told her that her flu would be here in nine months. He also told her that he had no idea where I could have implanted and how I could have survived in her womb, given the number and size of her fibroids.

My mother and I – She was still in her residency at Johns Hopkins

Even though my mother was very open about her fibroids and pregnancy losses, I never really thought about my fertility until my miscarriage, which happened after I had already had three healthy children. I had my first child at twenty-three, and my last at thirty. My last pregnancy was at thirty-four.

Watch the video to hear what several other women and I thought about the event.

My peers, friends, and classmates are all in their late thirties and early to mid-forties. Many have put off starting a family for education and career, are just now having children, or are trying to have children. I didn’t know anything about infertility beyond what my mom told me about her experiences. When I shared my miscarriage experience, several people sent me messages thanking me for sharing my story, and in turn, shared theirs. It is such an important conversation to have, especially for women of color.

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I live-tweeted from an event presented by Antiguan American physician, Dr. Renee Matthews, and Tobagonian physician and REI (reproductive endocrinology and fertility specialist – of which less than 2% are black), Dr. Cindy M. Duke in Chicago this week. Check out these tweets, and click on them to continue the conversation on Twitter. Make sure to tag @socamomdc, @drcindyduke, and @askdrrenee, and use the hashtag #anintimateconversation.

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