Lunch with Socamom®: Small Niche, Big Dreams – Learn How to Compete

When I decided to be a Caribbean parenting blogger many moons ago, I got a lot of questions like… “what IS that exactly” and “why” but I did what I was passionate about, and I have been able to stick around for six years. That’s an eternity in blogging years. How did I do it? Join me at 12:30 on June 20th to find out and ask questions about how to work your niche.

How to participate:

  1. Get a free Twitter account at
  2. Follow @socamomdc on Twitter.
  3. RSVP by clicking on the event post and commenting with your twitter handle so that we can give you a shout out and reminder on the day of the chat. Depending on whether or not the chat is hosted, your RSVP may be your entry into a giveaway.
  4. Click on the #LunchWithSocamom hashtag to get questions and see answers.
  5. Jump in and answer questions. Make sure to number your answer. For example, we tweet, “Q2. What is the hardest thing about growing your blog? #LunchWithSocamom” Then you tweet, “A2. @socamomdc The hardest thing about growing my blog is finding followers. #LunchWithSocamom”

If you miss the live chat on Twitter, you can go back and read questions and answers and chime in by clicking on this link – #LunchWithSocamom 

See you at 12:30 on Twitter!