American Kids Try Caribbean Snacks

My Kids Tried Popular Trinidadian Snacks. Here’s What Happened.

My daughter took over Caribbean American Heritage month for me this year, and I have to say, she did a wonderful job. This Caribbean American Heritage Month went by so fast. It is a very special month for us, but with everything going on, I didn’t have time to host events and attend events like I’d like to do during the month of June. Honestly, with the month’s attacks on immigration and the immigrant population in the United States, while I always embrace Caribbean culture, I wasn’t feeling embraced by America.

I saw disturbing images of our Mexican and Central American neighbors being separated from their children, read about officers boarding buses to check ID’s and papers, and saw naturalized citizens like my parents finding out that they have been removed from voter registration lists after having voted in several elections.

One of the qualities that immigrants bring to the table is resilience. Caribbean Americans find a way to find life, love, and laughter in the most bleak situations. We share June, Caribbean American Heritage month, with Immigrant Heritage month, and while it saddens me that immigrants and refugees are being treated this way as a matter of policy in the United States, I am encouraged that we persevere. We keep growing and loving and being.

In the spirit of still having fun and living our best lives, I’m sharing my two youngest kids’ video where they taste Trinidadian snacks – some of which you may remember having as a kid. This is only part one, and I feel like after seeing how many wonderful things like sugar cake and tamarind balls are out there, there will be many more “tastings.”

Watch, enjoy, learn, and laugh with us. Let’s never stop doing what makes us great.

Thanks for watching! So what did you think? Have you tried any of these snacks? Which ones would you add to the list for them to try next time?