Podcast with Woke Mommy Chatter: Why I Homeschool

The story of why I homeschool is unique because every homeschooling story is unique. There’s no single reason that anyone would choose to educate their kids at home when there are so many other out of home options. Fellow Trini mom, educator, and and director of EducationRevolt.org and I shared our homeschooling stories with the host of Woke Mommy Chatter on her podcast.

I had no idea that homeschooling was really a thing that people did, especially black people, until one evening after church, my husband gave a kid from the youth ministry a ride home. He was the most polite, articulate teenager I had met in quite a while. After he got out of the car, my husband told me that he was homeschooled. I was just like… “oh,” and that was it. I didn’t really think twice about it. Over the next few years, I would be introduced to several homeschooling families without making the connection to what I wanted for my own family. For the rest of my story, check out the podcast on Woke Mommy Chatter here: https://wokemommychatter.com/2017/11/21/on-homeschooling/ or you can go directly to her podcast page here: http://wokemommy.libsyn.com/s1-e5-the-one-where-we-talk-about-homeschooling.

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Have you considered homeschooling? Why would you do it – or not? Tell me in the comments.