National Museum of African American History and Culture Guide for Caribbean Families

The Caribbean Family Guide to the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Getting Started

This is a rough outline of the floors, exhibits, and collections at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. We have noted references to the Caribbean and the Caribbean experience in America, and where you may find them in the museum. This guide will be updated with photos and downloads often, so bookmark it so that you can have the latest information when you visit.

We started on the lowest level in on Concourse Level 3. We had three days to visit the museum, so I knew that we would have time to get to just about everything. If you only have a day, I suggest starting on the upper levels – just for your emotional well being. Our first day was slavery, reconstruction, and civil rights, and it was brutal.  The museum doesn’t sugar coat anything, so it is a long day of sadness and disappointment.  For kids and adults, that is a terrible place to end the story.  This is one time that I would suggest starting at or near the end of the story if you don’t have multiple days to visit. Even if you do have several days, if you are taking kids start at the top.  My kids had a hard time sleeping after a full day of slavery and civil rights education.  It wasn’t easy to get them to want to go back.

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