How to Make an Anancy Plush Spider

Three Caribbean Themed Craft/Art Tutorials for You and Your Child

As the school year approaches I am deep into planning what we will do for fun this year. I have a few things in store, but I am pretty sure we will revisit a few of out favorites. Check out my top three Caribbean themed craft/art tutorials.

Carnival Headpiece

The Mickey Mouse ears are the most recognizable symbol of Disney Parks. A pair of ears on a Minnie Mouse Headband or a Mickey Mouse cap are a must have on a visit to Disneyland or Disney World. You can get all kinds of ears – happy birthday ears, ears with sequins, bride and groom ears, princess ears, cheetah print ears… you get the picture.

Every day at Disney theme parks all over the world, there are parades… parades with lots of music, elaborate costumes, people dancing in the street, and crowds of kids and adults taking in the splendid display. Sounds a lot like Caribbean Carnival, right? So I decided that it would only be right for me, as a Caribbean mom, to create Minnie Mouse Caribbean Carnival Headpieces!

Anancy Plush Toy

This step by step tutorial shows you how to make a spider plush toy. It includes a video and photos and is perfect for a young reader who loves Anancy.

Click here to watch the video tutorial on Youtube.

I made a giant spider about 4 years ago that was about 6 feet including the legs for an event. I stumbled through making that one. It took about a week and a lot of stuffing to make that thing happen. Lets not even talk about the fact that the thing wasn’t anatomically correct. The kids at the event loved it, which made it all worth it. They didn’t seem to notice. I modified the pattern for larger spiders so that you can print it out and make one of your own. Here are the step by step instructions and the pattern download: How to Make Your Own Anancy Spider Plush

Jamaican Flag Nail Art

This is one of my daughter’s favorites! It is quick, easy and great for class presentations, culture days, sporting events (even if you are watching on TV), and just for fun.

We have some all new tutorials coming up, but can you think of a cool Caribbean craft that you would like to see us do? Let me know in the comments.