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Tired yet? Let’s Talk About It.

At the SocaMom Summit, I was very fortunate to have Jay Blessed, the popular Trinidad born, New York-based Caribbean podcaster and writer, talking with Dr. Jeff Gardere, a proud Haitian American dad known as “America’s Psychologist,” known for providing commentary for CNN, MSNBC, FOX Business, and “The Today Show,” as well expert advice for countless talk shows and more recently reality TV stars.

Dr. Gardere’s session with Jay Blessed was called, “Conquering Emotional Exhaustion During Societal Disruption.”

In this conversation about all of the things that could be causing our exhaustion, from the pandemic to systemic racisim, Dr. Jeff discussed what we should be doing during this time to help heal ourselves and get ready for what’s next. Check out the clip of that part of the conversation below.

[CLIP] The Importance of Personal Growth Amid Chaos | SocaMom®

With the state of the world, and the United States heading back into lockdown, you may be wondering what you can do to make sure you come out of all of this better than when you started. Dr. Jeff Gardere has some advice for you.

As we are trying to improve our own situations with millions of people out of work, businesses closing, and friends and family dying or sick all around us, is it normal to be too tired to explain systemic racism to our co-workers and associates? Of course, it is.

[CLIP] When Your Co-worker Wants to Be an Ally… | SocaMom®

In this short clip, Dr. Jeff Gardere shares some thoughts on what you should do if your white co-worker wants you to talk with them about how they can improve.

The whole session was phenomenal. You can watch the full session below.

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What do you do when you are feeling exhausted? Have you had to gather the strength to explain racism to your white co-workers? Discuss it with us on the SocaMom Facebook page.