That's me with the A&T T-shirt on... Aggie Pride - #NintendoEnthused

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Day Seventy-Five: Wii Fit Plus #NintendoEnthused

Welcome to the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! It is Day Seventy five.  Each day, will present you with one small thing that you can do to stay healthy in 2012.  Please let us know how you are doing by adding your comments, posting photos on your profile, or updating your blog in your profile.  Make friends on and write on their walls to keep them encouraged.

Day Seventy Five: Wii Fit Plus #NintendoEnthused

For several weeks, I participated in a group exercise challenge with several bloggers, led by @thienkim of “I’m Not the Nanny”.  I left sore – but inspired. We ran, punched, kicked, cycled, balanced, hula hooped – you name it, we probably did it!

That's me with the A&T T-shirt on... Aggie Pride - #NintendoEnthused

Photo by Thien Kim (Nintendo Ambassador) of I’m Not the Nanny.

The workout centered around the Wii Fit Plus. Each day, we would weigh in and/or check our balance, “wii fit” age, and watch our mii (our virtual selves on the Wii) react accordingly.  Mine was pudgy like me… pretty accurate.

I found out quite a bit about myself…

  • I don’t balance evenly on my feet. Apparently, when you are putting more weight on either your toes or your heels, you can end up with back problems.  The Wii Fit Plus “trainer” asked me if I tripped a lot.
  • My weight loss goals are realistic, but they will take some regular exercise – and timelines can be adjusted – it’s okay.
  • I don’t know how to hula hoop anymore. It is a lot more tiring than it was when I was 7.
  • My body is older than I really am. Sounds impossible?  According to my balance and weight (I did several tests on the balance board), I am in my 40’s.  I guess it was just confirming what I already knew, but it still hurts a little.
  • Working out is easier when you have support. I already knew this – but it really hits home when you want to quit mid plank, your arms are trembling, and someone says – “just a few more seconds ladies!”

I wasn’t #NintendoEnthused alone! Check out my fellow enthusiasts (there were more of us, these just happen to have blogs I can link to):

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Today’s challenge is to investigate the Wii Fit Plus.  If you already have a Wii, the investment isn’t that much.  If you already have a Wii Fit system, tell us how you use it and how often!

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