Opening Today: Disney Pixar’s BRAVE #movie #review

(This review includes a trailer – if you are watching this at work, turn down your speakers…)

At our house, Friday night is movie night. We stay up late (as late as I can stand it), make popcorn if we have any, and the kids watch a movie.  If it isn’t particularly good – like some mockbuster on Netflix like, “Chop Kick Panda” (ala Kung Fu Panda) or “Tappy Toes” (er. Happy Feet?) – we parents sleep or play Angry Birds.  The kids don’t hold it against us, and I love them for it.

This week movie night fell on a Wednesday night thanks to screening passes for Brave given to us by Disney and Pixar.

First – I stayed awake the whole time, impressing my children.  Second – I really did enjoy the movie, when there wasn’t a kid jumping into my lap for one reason or another.

The best way to tell you what a kid would think of this movie, is to tell you what my kids thought of this movie…

6 y/o Miss Lady: “Scary.”

7 y/o Mr. Social: “Sad.”

12 y/o Didjaknow: “Awesome!”

You assume Disney… Pixar… rated G. Nope. Not this one. It made me sit back in my seat a few times, but that could very well be that I have wimpy moments. There’s a lot of fighting, violence, a little witchcraft, and a lot of “do you, girl” themes.  I remember going to the movies with my mom and if a character was disobedient, rude, or defiant, I got a lecture, whispered right there in the theater in my ear.  Well, there would be a lot of whispering going on if I was watching this with my mom in the early 80’s.  I didn’t say anything to them other than, “you alright?”


Every now and then Miss Lady would slip her arm under mine, or I would see Mr. Social remove his 3-D glasses (I am assuming to keep the action from getting TOO close), but Didjaknow was ALL IN!

Miss Lady left wanting to go straight to the Disney store for some new princess Merida gear.  Mr. Social was still wiping his eyes (not gonna tell you why, you have to see it – but my boy loves his momma.). Didjaknow was chanting, “Awesome! Awesome!” quietly, but with enthusiasm and an occasional fist pump.

I left wishing that my husband had gone with us (he would have loved it), and trying to figure out how soon they would want to see it again.

Here’s the synopsis:

Since ancient times, stories of epic battles and mystical legends have been passed through the generations across the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland. From Disney and Pixar, a new tale joins the lore when the courageous Merida(voice of Kelly Macdonald) confronts tradition and challenges destiny to change her fate. “Brave” follows the heroic journey of Merida, a skilled archer and headstrong daughter of King Fergus (voice of Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (voice of Emma Thompson). Determined to carve her own path in life, Merida defies an age-old custom sacred to the unruly and uproarious lords of the land: massive Lord MacGuffin (voice of Kevin McKidd), surly Lord Macintosh (voice of Craig Ferguson) and cantankerous Lord Dingwall (voice of Robbie Coltrane). Merida’s actions inadvertently unleash chaos and fury in the kingdom, and when she turns to an eccentric Witch (voice of Julie Walters) for help, she is granted an ill-fated wish. The ensuing peril forces Merida to harness all of her skills and resources – including her clever and mischievous triplet brothers – to undo a beastly curse before it’s too late, discovering the meaning of true bravery. – Disney/Pixar


Bottom Line – should you go see it?

Gotta know your kids. If you have a jumpy kid, who is under 7… I wouldn’t advise it.  At least not in 3D.  If you have a kid who can watch action adventure movies and ends up running upstairs to get his or her sword and shield to fight along with the characters – still – over 6 at least, go for it!  Anyone over 12 will probably really like it, boys and girls.  Your young lady will love all of the women’s empowerment themes (and the fighting if she is anything like me), and your young man may be into all the macho comedy and action.  It could be the other way around.  Either way, it is a good night at the movies that has some great conversation starters for a family chat over dinner or ice cream afterwards.

(Just so you know, they have outdone themselves with the animation on this one!)

The movie opens today (June 22, 2012).

My opinions are my own.  I received free admission to this movie for myself and my family.