Please Welcome the Newest Blogger: @PaceofSpace


They say to never work with family.  I have learned this the hard way more than once, but when it comes to my little ones, it has brought me so much joy and has made this blogging adventure so much more fun.

The kids have worked on projects with me ever since the blog started, and I am grateful for their willingness to help (for a fee of course).  The dutifully pose for pictures, record videos, test out products, go to the movies (they kinda love that part) and give me their honest feedback.

My youngest son was the first one to really get started when he did some work with me for Dodge, and started his own blog, Dave’s Car Show.  Now my oldest is jumping onto the social media scene as a Teen Advisory Panelist for Beaches Resorts (#beachesteens).  He is now officially joining the team as a blogger, and will be using his skills as an illustrator (and now animator) to entertain you and help educate your kids on the Caribbean.

From the Beaches Resorts Website

Please join me in welcoming my son by following him on Twitter and Instagram at @paceofspace.  He has new content coming soon, but here’s a little sneak peek.  Enjoy this quick Instagram video featuring “Joe” and Bob Marley’s classic tune “One Cup of Coffee.” Enjoy!

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