Steel Band Event in DC: Expressions of Youth, New Music for Steel Band

I really do love this group! Check them out at this concert in Washington DC.  This is part of the Atlas Intersections Festival.

Tickets: $12

Location : Atlas Performing Arts Center 1333 H St NE Washington, DC 20002
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From the website: With the relative youth of steel band, this instrument family commonly falls into a prescribed position within the broad spectrum of new music. Pigeonholed as “Island Music,” the true capabilities of the instrument are often overshadowed by preconceived notions and widely accepted stereotypes. We look to present the diversity of expressions the steel band is capable of by mirroring the depth of human emotion. As many consider this the youngest instrument family and steel bands worldwide are overwhelmingly dominated by younger generations, our expressions will be that of youth. Just as a child’s range of expression is a broadly varied and diverse one, so too will be this concert.

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