Top 20 Educational Caribbean Downloads for Kids

(There’s some eye candy for you statistics nerds out there. Don’t say I never gave you anything.)

My husband is an amazing IT project manager, and his mantra is that anything that can be measured can be improved. So, every now and then I run a report on the downloads section on  That is one of my favorite features on the site because I use it for my own children.  As I get ready to close out 2013, I am pleased to report that we are nearing 60,000 downloads of about 200 coloring sheets and activity sheets since October of last year!

What are the most popular downloads? Well, I’m no mathematician, but this is how I decided to figure that out.

I took the number of downloads of a particular activity page, and divided it by the number of days that it has been on the site.  The larger the number, the greater the popularity. Not sure if it is right, but is sounds good to me!  Here’s what came out as the top 20… click on the links to download instantly.

  1. icon Marcus Garvey Discussion Page
  2. icon Jamaica Fact Sheet and Quiz
  3. icon Lets Visit Jamaica!
  4. icon Jamaica Word Search and Writing Activity
  5. icon Caribbean Word Search
  6. icon Coloring Sheet: Anancy at the Airport in Trinidad and Tobago
  7. icon Carnival Face Design Sheet
  8. icon Get to Know Anancy Crossword Puzzle – Spider Facts
  9. icon Jamaica Map and Flag Coloring Sheet and Writing Activity
  10. icon I am Caribbean :: Caribbean Parenting Month Poem
  11. icon Carnival Headpiece/Headdress: Crescent Crown
  12. icon Happy Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago!
  13. icon A is for Armadillo
  14. icon Jamaica Fact Flash Cards
  15. icon How to Color the Flag of St. Maarten
  16. icon My Family Flags: The Dominican Republic and Canada
  17. icon F is for Frigatebird
  18. icon D is for Doubles
  19. icon Color the Flag of the Dominican Republic
  20. icon My Caribbean Christmas: Pastelles

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