Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Day One Hundred and Sixteen: @DailyFeats – Little Things Mean a Lot

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is a challenge to ourselves, our friends, and our family to make small daily changes in our habits and activities that amount to lifestyle changes in the long run. is a website that helps us to make those small changes. helps you reach your goals through small, positive steps. It’ll guide you in doing different small things called, “feats” that that add up to big changes in your health, wellness, and well-being.  As you earn points by reaching the small goals you have set for yourself, the you’ll earn rewards – like coupons for things that help you meet the rest of your goals.

It is all about doing good things for yourself and others.  Sometimes looking at the BIG things you need to accomplish is overwhelming.


“When you come to DailyFeats, you’ll build a goal—like losing weight, being a better parent, or giving back to your community. DailyFeats breaks your goal down into a set of manageable “feats” to do every day. As you achieve your feats, you “check them in” at DailyFeats, sharing your progress with friends and building inspiration. Plus, for every check-in, you’ll earn points to redeem for savings from national brands, or partner donations to nonprofits.” –


I am not the only one who thinks this concept is fantastic.  Who else thinks so? The New York Times, SHAPE, SELF Magazine, Boston Magazine, WGBH Boston,The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Oprah, USA TODAY, and Mashable have all had good things to say about the website and its mission. The website has amazing sponsors like Monster, MTV, Gaiam, Cigna, Tommy Hilfiger, MotionX® Technology, Happy Family, and eBay.


Ready to get started? Why not start with 100 points?  Go to and enter the code socamom100 for an extra 100 points until May 4th. I have my points and have started working on my daily feats.  Comment and let me know how it works for you!