[VIDEO] Watch Caribbean Mom Chat #CaribbeanMomChat #mamalime

Tonight on our monthly Caribbean Mom Chat, we talked about love, respect, and discipline in the Caribbean home. Nellie had us ready to cry, and Alysia and Pascalle had us laughing as usual.

Last night, the hashtag, #mamalime, reached 132,558 timelines and #CaribbeanMomChat, reached 353,828 timelines and counting! The conversation was great – and participation was awesome.

How did your parents correct your inappropriate behavior? How do you feel about the way you were raised when it comes to discipline? If you are a parent, what are you doing differently with your children? If you aren’t a parent, what do you wish your parents would have done differently? Do you believe that the way you were disciplined made you a better person or left you damaged? We answered these questions and more. If you missed it, no worries! You can watch the video here.


Check out the conversation on Twitter with the hashtags #caribbeanmomchat and #mamalime.

See you next month!