Pastelles are so good! ::

Caribbean Christmas Traditions: Chef Cherry’s Pastelles in Pictures

I just finished eating the best pastelle, like, EVER.


I’ve always wanted to know how to make pastelles. The look on my cousin’s face when I suggested that she add that to her list of cooking classes… well… let’s just say it’ll be a while before I get so much as a video out of her.  She called me on Christmas Eve Eve (23rd) when she started making them so that I could come by and watch.  Five hours later, I had this…

Pastelles are so good!  ::

Trust me – every single second was worth it. I had to do a play-by-play for our Facebook community, Instagram, and Twitter – someone else had to witness the genius happening in the kitchen. Here are some of the photos and some new ones, just in case you missed them the first time around.

Fresh banana leaves  ::

Fresh banana leaves.

Cooking the banana leaves for pastelles over a gas stove  ::

Cooking leaves on the gas stove.

Washing banana leaves for pastelles  ::

Washing the banana leaves after cooking.

Prepared banana leaves for pastelles  ::

Prepared banana leaves.

Fresh seasonings for the meat, thyme, parsley, shado beni, green onion  ::

Shado beni, thyme, parsley, and green onions

Cooking the ground meat with spices for pastelles  ::

Cooking meat with yellow hot pepper

Mixing cornmeal for pastelles  ::

Mixing cornmeal with warm water

Cornmeal formed into balls for pastelles  ::

Corn dough rolled into balls

Flattening the cornmeal for pastelles  ::

Shaping dough in preparation for the meat filling.

Meat filling for pastelles  ::

Filling for the pastelles!

Steaming pastelles in the double steamer  ::

Steaming in the double steamer

Finished pastelles  ::

Finished pastelle!

Pastelles are done  ::

5 hours later, it’s time to eat!

So, if someone gives you pastelles for Christmas, they REALLY love you. Enjoy!

What did you have for Christmas and Boxing day that reminded you of Christmas in the Caribbean?