5 Things You Must Do When You Visit Vieques with Your Family

Vieques is a very relaxed place.  There’s no fast food, no big shopping malls, and no over the top resorts, so if your kids are expecting Disney World or a place with life-sized cartoon characters, you should prepare them to chill.  I mean REALLY chill. We didn’t bring the kids this time, but we kept an eye out for all of the activities that they would love – because the kids are always on our minds.  We can admit that.

Just in case you are ready to plan your trip to Vieques, this post contains some affiliate links, so that you can buy tickets and supplies, and external links to our favorite spots so that you can get addresses and phone numbers when you need them. 

The cool thing about Vieques is that it is an island that is part of Puerto Rico, so you have all of the benefits of US travel.  You won’t need a passport, just your driver’s license.  You likely won’t have to do anything special to your cell phone plan – we didn’t.  There’s no currency to exchange – it is all US money.  Also, plenty of people are expats or natives who speak English.  If you run into someone who doesn’t speak English, they will still do their best to communicate with you.

Vacationing in Puerto Rico? Don’t forget to add Vieques to your plan.  It is a 25 minute plane ride from San Juan airport in Puerto Rico to Vieques, and about an hour and fifteen minutes by ferry.